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I’m drawn to writing, and fiction in particular, because it allows us to explore so much about ourselves. Science fiction, is a personal favourite, because it allows us to explore, for better or worse, what could be.

Since the industrial revolution, change has intensified. Where major technological advances had come once in a lifetime for most of human history, we began seeing major changes, with cultural impact every decade or so in the past 70 years. In my lifetime, I’ve seen the creation of the world wide web, mobile phones, smartphones and the mobile internet. And on the more frightening side, military operations through remote drone strikes.

Change is accelerating, and becoming more difficult to predict. That doesn’t stop us from discussing it. I want to discuss these ideas, and explore what humanity’s future could be like.

Ironically, my first published short story does nothing of the sort. I wrote a short horror story on a lark, and submitted it to a writing contest.

If you’re interested in reading my first published short story, you’ll find it in Death & Pestilence, a short horror anthology published by Sands Press.

My story explores the despair of a man whose life is irreparably altered by a power so far beyond him, all he can ultimately do is accept his fate.

The stories within the anthology cross the spectrum of horror subgenres, each putting a different spin on them.