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How to Podcast for Fun

I almost titled this “How to Become a Lazy Podcaster” but I thought that would mislead current podcasters into thinking I’m telling them how to become lazy.

Not the case.

I have been a host of a show called The Zero Check for going on three years. The goal of this podcast is to have fun conversations with my co-hosts, talk about music we enjoy, learn in the process, and maybe connect with like-minded listeners.

What I’m saying is we’re lazy podcasters. We aren’t lazy people – we all have busy personal and professional lives, and we appreciate not being tied to a strict recording, editing and publishing schedule. We manage 12+ episodes a year, which we’re satisfied with.

Are there downsides to a lazy recording/publishing schedule? Maybe… The top two drawbacks are:

  • We’ll never have a large dedicated following
  • There isn’t a lot of consistent engagement from listeners

But we have fun, and it doesn’t become an added point of stress in our lives. We do it for ourselves, to enjoy and learn about our favorite musicians and bands. We produce the podcast to share our passion with others who are interested.

Technologically, we make it as easy for ourselves as possible. Our gear consists of:

  • Zoom H2 handy recorder
  • Pair of headphones for on-site audio monitoring
  • Pocket tripod to hold the Zoom H2
  • Basic audio editing software – Audacity or Garageband
  • We run the audio through Levelator a free application
  • Audio hosting is through Libsyn at minimal cost per month
  • Blog hosting is free through Tumblr
  • Domain registration is inexpensive
  • Nameserver hosting is free through Zerigo
  • Shared file management is free through Dropbox
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I’m Glad I’m Not The Only One Having These Thoughts.

Whether you listen to Podcasts or not, check out my friend Eric Portelance‘s show Attention Surplus. Listen to one episode. It’s 30 minutes of your time, and I will firmly say it’s a worth the listen.

In episode 10, Eric and co-host Sean Howard continue a discussion from episode 9 with their first guest Douglas Reid.

In # 10, they talk about how we measure our lives. Is it meaningful to use quantitative measurements, like salary, possessions, job title, number of subordinates on the org chart, or formal education?

They’re all very simple things to measure. But are they really meaningful to anyone outside of the CRA or IRS?

Douglas spoke of two people he recalls fondly.

  • One who has a PhD in Biology and did some amazing research,  and then went on to become a fine woodworker and lead a fulfilling life;
  • and a former student of his who changed her course of study, traveled, married and settled down to become a potter, and do other things that are meaningful to her, I’m sure.

I’ve considered both fine woodworking and pottery as ways I would like to spend my days.

I’ve also considered finding an apprenticeship to become an electrician – something I strongly considered when I was in high school. And, I could also become a Kung Fu master (do you think I’m joking?)

Right now, I’m doing interesting work that I like, and I enjoy a stable salary and some benefits. In the long term, I want to do different things and listening to Eric and Sean’s podcast may have ratified my thoughts a little bit more. Not that I needed it, but it’s encouraging to hear.

So give Attention Surplus a listen, and it might resonate with you, too.

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