Wedding photography. Let’s talk about it for a moment. For many years now, weddings and photography have shared a romance as intimate as the couples sharing their special day with family, friends and others important to them.

The wedding lasts a day, or at most a few days, depending on traditions. Photographs and/or videos are the memories of the day, captured in images. Brides and grooms are looking for beautiful images to remember their wedding by.

Photographers have their own motivations. Paying their bills is always one. Ensuring their clients are satisfied once the contract is fulfilled is another. They may also be motivated by the art of photography. While capturing images of a happy couple on their wedding day, there can be ample opportunity to create truly artful images.

While scanning through Explore on Flickr, I found this image that astonished me. I love the juxtaposition of the veil and the waterfall, against the solid rocks. Both the veil and waterfall appear soft and flowing. The rocks are hard and eternal. Finally, the bride is in the middle, framed on all sides.


photo by Donfer Lu

I can’t say whether it’s actually a photo of a bride on her wedding day. It may be of a model in a wedding gown.

How important do you think wedding photography in the world of photographic art?


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I’ve been admiring George Socka’s work on Flickr (mostly from afar) for a number of months. I find his surrealist photo art astonishing. This is one of his more recent pictures that wowed me.

His work reminds me that photography is a broad art form, and there’s so many ways to approach it – beyond capturing landscapes, portraits, wildlife and action – to evoke stories and emotion.

Digger breakout, July 9, 2016

If his work appeals to you, I definitely recommend following George Socka on Flickr.

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