Film is Alive and Well, My Friend

We don’t see a lot of film being shot these days, it's true. That doesn't mean it isn't alive and well. My friend John Meadows is connected with an avid group of film photographers. Search a photography community site like Flickr for film photography groups. You'll find plenty.

Digital is convenient, and in many practical ways, superior to film. Most professionals will agree that they'd prefer to work in digital for most applications, especially when there's action. But for special applications, the photographers who work in film can produce stunning results.

If you want a photographic experience - and I've said this before on my old blog - try out film. Especially if you've only ever shot digital. Find an older manual film camera on the cheap at a garage sale or 2nd hand shop and play, or borrow a film camera if you know anyone who has them. Then find a shop to develop and scan your film for you.

Here's a recent photo by John Meadows. I hope you'll visit his website or Flickr Photostream to see more of his work.

Bus line 2

I've been planning to try developing my own film for a while, and John set me up with a few pieces of important equipment. I've since bought the necessary developing chemicals and will try it soon.

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