You Don’t Vote For King! (or A Cabinet of Ice and Fire)

I had a conversation the other day, with my friend (and Zero Check co-host) Steven Joncas. We’re both big fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones series.

If you watched Monty Python’s Holy Grail, you undoubtedly remember the scene with 37-year-old Dennis, resident of an anarcho-syndicalyst communte, whom King Arthur mistook for an old woman? Classic scene! I’ll paraphrase an exchange, slightly…

“I am your King!”

“Well, I didn’t vote for you!”

“You don’t vote for Kings!”

Well, imagine if we did, and we lived in Westeros, the 7 kingdoms that are the centre of George R.R. Martin’s novels.

Better yet, lets forget about Kings altogether, and pretend the continent is run by a Canadian-style democratic government, and you were just elected Prime Minister.

Which character from the series are you? Who do you think would make a suitable Mr. or Ms. Prime Minister?

After deciding who you are, your first task as Prime Minister is to compile a list of recommendations to give the Head of State to assemble your cabinet ministers.

Prime Minister – It was a tough choice, but I really think Brynden Tully, The Blackfish, would be my first choice. He’s depicted as a natural leader, with strong morals, a clever pragmatist.

Minister of Finance – This is an obvious choice. There is no better option than Lord Petyr Baelish, a.k.a. Littlefinger. The man can budget better than the best Lannisters.

Minister of Human Resources – Tywin Lannister has a keen sense for how people of Westeros can best serve their nation, and how the nation can serve its citizens. He’s too spiteful to trust as PM, otherwise, he would be a shoe-in for the top seat.

Minister of Defense – Who else than the great Barristan the Bold would be fit to lead the defenses of Westeros? So long as he doesn’t cross the floor to the opposition!

Minister of Justice / Attorney General – Who else other than Eddard Stark would be fit for this job? His sense of right and wrong is infallible, while remaining more practical than a stern man like Stannis Baratheon.

Minister of Industry – Obviously Tyrion Lannister is best fit to handle this important position. Tyrion understands the importance of industry to the nations economy, and would work to strengthen ties between the nations business owners. Granted, Tyrion would likely be frequently shuffled around the cabinet, cleaning up whichever portfolio needed his particular attention. Hopefully his binge drinking and frequent dalliances with prostitutes don’t surface in the media.

Are you a fan of the series, either in book or television format? Who would you recommend to form your Cabinet of Ice and Fire?

Would you recommend Cersei Lannister, or Lady Olena Tyrell for any spots? Varys is another talented fellow, deserving of a large portfolio. Would you make 16-year-old Robb Stark a member of the Cabinet or wait until he grew older?

And what would you do with the young (and blatantly psychopathic) Joffrey Baratheon? Oh really? You’d appoint him to the Senate?!

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